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The (3 & 4) digit lotteries are mathematical systems of chance (Risk), in any competitive systems of chance, there are advantages and disadvantages. Applying mathematical knowledge relative to lotteries, assures an advantage.

A specialized system structured and designed with mathematical advantages is hosted by providing: Automated-Research-Tools (A-R-T)

a. Due-Sheet – (The Boxer) – (3 & 4) Digit Lotteries – (Can be Downloaded)
b. C & Row System – Position Charting
c. History – Recorded past history of all systems
d. A-R-T – Tools for identifying patterns and frequencies
e. Charts – Exploring Position advantages
f. Slot-Lot – Potential combinations to play, relating to The Boxer

Annual subscription fee for access to Lottery-Castle and the advantages of information and automated tools is: ($50.00) per (12 Months = 1 Year)

This is not a traditional approach in seeking advantages; the Due-Sheet will definitely improve your selection advantages.