Privacy Policy

The privacy of each subscriber is important in that your trust in lending personal and vital information to Profit C Inc. is an honor that will be honored. Your personal information is required only for Identification reasons relating to accessing the system.

There is no sound or logical reason to exploit your privacy, money should not be a consideration, Profit C Inc. have already requested the amount of money expected for the use of this system, and to embrace greed, is stupid.

The policy of Profit C Inc. is to satisfy our subscribers, not to distract or detract from the reality.

Within the legal status of the public arena, Profit C pledges not to exploit, market, negotiate or denigrate any subscriber's personal information submitted in good faith to Profit C Inc.

Anyone associated with Profit C Inc. that is responsible for breach of policy relative to privacy concerns, their employment or association will be terminated.

Profit C Inc. is adamant about respecting subscriber's expectations, with the emphasis on protection.

"When you do it RIGHT - You don't have to do WRONG".

Profit C Inc. wants your participation for as long as you see the advantage.