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Post-Position (P-P) System)

Due Sheet is a body of information relating to lotteries with focus on Post-Position (P-P).

The Boxer is (3 & 4)-digit lottery Due Sheets, published monthly with selected (3 & 4)-digit lottery systems, reflecting history and due factor. The sheets made on first day of each month retaining same information for the month. Each boxed combination drawn and listed on the sheet, develops a (P-P) history and pattern to assist in selections. To assist in selecting a combination or combinations, profitc-due-sheet.com provides methods, with A-R-T (Analytical-Research-Tools) to explore the history relating to Column (C), Row (R) and Post-Position (P-P).

On the first of each month, combinations drawn previous month will not show on the new sheet, unless an unusual situation of enough combinations in same column are drawn the same month; it is possible for combinations drawn the previous month to repeat.

Functioning as a rotating system, combinations in (P-P) (1) of (3)-digit system are due more than all combinations of same (A-U) system. The first (5) (P-P) of each selected (A-U) listed in (A-system) is due more than remaining combinations listed in (B-system) of same (A-U).


The Boxer is comprised of (2) significant components, Column (C) and Row (R) systems.

3-Digit: There are (8) (C), each (C) list (5) boxed combinations and (5) (R), each (R) list (8) boxed combinations.

Each (C) represents an (A-U) system: (Below)

Column: C-1 C-2 C-3 C-4 C-5 C-6 C-7 C-8

A-U: 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

There are (5) (R), each (R) list (8) boxed combinations

Each (R) represents (1) of (8) (A-U) (10 thru 17)

(C) & (R) system applied to (6-Way and 3-Way) lottery games

Matching a (C) with a (R) reveals (1) boxed combination

Selecting just one, either (C) or (R) reveals:

(C) = (5) boxed combinations

(R) = (8) boxed combinations